• Media Tracking

    Of events, meetings and competitive markets via satellite channels, newspapers, magazines and social media.

  • Branding

    Of product and services to establish credibility of our client through traditional and digital media as well as in a physical environment such as concerts, events etc.

  • Events

    Corporate events, Meeting, Launch Event. We also conduct internal events such as motivational activities for the employees in the form of rewards and recognition, quiz competitions, cultural activities.

  • Campaigns

    For product demonstrations we have organized campaigns such as car rallies, bicycle rally, shows, blood donation camps, road shows, mall shows with proper planning and execution.

  • Media Interaction

    We offer huge events and management amalgamations with proficient reporters and media coverage.

  • Press Conference

    To ensure full media coverage of branch opening and inaugurations, product launch and promotion as per desire.

  • Press Release

    Is provided on intervals as per demand by companies regarding product launch, stock and share release in order to attract attention of the target audience.

  • Crisis Management

    We help in coming up with strategical planning to help any organization deal with negative publicity or any form of crisis.

  • Translation Services

    Translation of articles to vernacular languages of each North Eastern State.